American Gaming Association urges change in casino regulations to allow digital payments


In celebration of a year and a half of work, the American Gaming Association (AGA) proposed an updated set of policy guidelines to facilitate the use of cashless payment methods.

The proposal seeks to allow visitors to gaming establishments to pay through digital channels instead of allowing only physical fiat currency, a statement said Tuesday.

It is unclear whether Bitcoin System will include crypto-currencies under its digital payment reference. Cointelegraph contacted AGA for comments, but has not received a response at press time.

„Covid19 is being a catalyst and accelerator of the digital transformation processes in companies“, Juan Martinez, CEO of Eurogestion

The public is asking for other options
More than half of customers want other payment options, according to the statement:

„The proposal comes at a time when the majority (57%) of casino visitors last year reported that the option of digital or contactless payments at casinos is important to them because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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After VOC-19 prevention measures became more prevalent in March, much of the world went digital for work and other activities. The future of physical cash use remains unclear in light of recent events.

„Recent AGA research found that 59 percent of last year’s casino visitors are less likely to use cash in their daily lives because of the COVID-19 pandemic,“ the statement said.