Euler Finance Hacker Returns 51,000 ETH in $1M Reward

• The Euler Finance hacker has reportedly returned 51,000 ETH to the platform after stealing funds from it in March 2023.
•Euler Finance had offered a $1 million reward for the restoration of the stolen money.
•Previously, on March 18, the hacker apparently returned $5.4 million in Ether back to Euler Finance’s deployer address.

DeFi Protocol Euler Finance Hacked

On or around March 13, 2023 an exploit was made by a hacker and stole funds from decentralized finance (DeFi) platform Euler Finance most of which were held in stETH totaling $135.8 million in stETH, $33.8 million in USDC stablecoin and $8.7 million in DAI. This was one of the biggest DeFi space exploits of 2023.

Reward Offered By Euler Finance

In response to this exploit, Euler Finance offered a bounty of $1 million reward for the restoration of the stolen money backed up with legal actions if not followed through with their demands that 90% of the stolen monies be returned to them.

Hacker Returns Massive 51,000 ETH

The bulk of the stolen funds from Euler Finance was reportedly returned by the attacker on Saturday as much as 51,000 ETH according to audit platform BlockSec . Earlier on March 18th ,the hacker had already returned almost $5.4 million in Ether back to Euler Finance’s deployer address with three separate transactions but his motivation is still unknown .

Funds Obtained Through Quick Loans To Fund The Theft

It was previously reported that he obtained quick loans to fund his theft so it is still possible that part of the funds are still with him at this time but most are back with Euler finance safely now .

Global Financial Crisis

While news related to crypto industry has been relatively good , global financial sector has been facing a tough time due to bank crisis making this incident more significant than ever before .

BlackRock CEO Backs Tokenizing Assets: Stocks and Bonds Now Digitalized

• BlackRock CEO, Larry Fink, believes tokenizing asset classes like stocks and bonds could improve capital markets efficiency and increase investor access.
• Fink discussed the improvements in payment systems, particularly in developing countries.
• He also noted that advanced economies lag behind when it comes to payment innovation and transparent regulations are needed for investors to understand the risks of the market.

BlackRock CEO Sees Potential in Tokenizing Assets

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink has expressed his opinion that tokenizing assets such as stocks and bonds can provide increased efficiency to capital markets and lead to improved investor access. In a recent annual letter to shareholders, he discussed the progress made in payment systems across different countries including Brazil, India, Africa, as well as the United States. He noted that while there have been improvements made in developing countries, advanced economies have lagged behind when it comes to payment innovation. For this reason he suggested that more transparent regulations are needed for investors to better understand the potential risks associated with digital assets.

Digital Asset Sector Examined by BlackRock

Fink revealed that BlackRock is examining the digital asset sector closely, specifically permissioned blockchains and tokenization of stocks and bonds which could bring new practical applications beyond just Bitcoin. Despite some crypto firms failing during this time frame, there has been considerable advancements made with digital payments methods being developed quickly around the world.

U.S Regulatory Crackdown on Crypto Businesses

In response to issues such as those encountered by Paxos stablecoin issuance firm or Signature Bank’s sudden collapse, U.S officials have begun tightening regulation of crypto businesses within their jurisdiction recently. However Fink believes more nuanced regulation is necessary for a sector still in its infancy stages so as not to hinder further growth possibilities or scare away potential investors due to unclear policy objectives or overly restrictive measures taken against them by government bodies.

Improvement of Payment Systems Key Focus For Fink

The focus for Fink appears to be on improving payment systems globally but especially in advanced economies where there is still much room for improvement according to him compared with other less developed areas such as those mentioned previously above (Brazil, India & Africa). He hopes through greater transparency about the risks associated with investing into digital assets through clear regulations set forth by authorities will help investors make more informed decisions about their investments into this sector going forward thus helping them avoid any potential pitfalls along the way whilst reaping maximum rewards from their investments if done correctly .


To conclude it would seem that BlackRock is carefully monitoring developments within the cryptocurrency space due largely in part thanks its strong interest from its CEO Larry Fink who realizes its huge potentials despite some challenges faced by companies dealing within this space at present time , meanwhile voicing his opinions on how best regulators should go about tackling concerns related mainly towards protecting investors from fraudsters or unscrupulous individuals taking advantage of naivety involving digital assets & cryptocurrencies alike .

Raiders Rumble: Web3 Strategy Game Now Available on Flow Blockchain!


  • Bloxmith has launched Raiders Rumble, an esports mobile strategy game for Web2 and Web3 gamers, on the Flow Blockchain.
  • Raiders Rumble challenges players to apply strategic decisions in countering their opponents’ moves.
  • Flow-sponsored bonus tournaments are scheduled to take place between March 23-31, with a total prize pool of $120,000 in FLOW tokens for the best gamers around.

Bloxmith Launches Raiders Rumble on Flow Blockchain

Taipei based gaming studio Bloxsmith announced today that the open beta for Raiders Rumble, its unique 1v1 squad battler game for mobile powered by the Flow blockchain, is now available for download on Google Play and Apple App Store. Raiders Rumble challenges players to apply fast-paced strategic decision making in countering the moves of their opponents. It is built as an esports game allowing players to win in-game items or RUMB tokens. Players do not need a crypto wallet or digital collectibles (NFTs) to start playing.

Features of Raiders Rumble

Raiders Rumble features a daily rotation of tournament modes where the top 50 percent of participants can win in-game items or RUMB tokens. Furthermore, digital collectibles in Raiders Rumble do not provide any in-battle advantage; however they have several other unique features that make them highly valued by collectors.

Flow Sponsored Tournaments

As part of the launch and esports nature of the game, Raiders Rumble will host three Flow-sponsored bonus tournaments. Strategy gamers will have the opportunity to win FLOW tokens with a total prize pool worth $USD 120,000 in FLOW up for grabs for the best strategy gamers around. These Flow-sponsored tournaments are scheduled to take place between March 23-31 2021 .

Statement from Bloxmith’s CEO

Bloxmith Co-founder and CEO Wayne Lee said „For our first game, we wanted to pioneer a new type of competitive mobile strategy game that would help bridge the gap between traditional and Web3 gamers.“ He further added „We are delighted to be working on the Flow blockchain – it solves the scalability problem for games and digital collectibles.“

< h2 >Statement from Head Of Product at Flow
Chirag Narang Head Of Product at Flow said „Raiders Rumble is a compelling example of a mobile game that can simultaneously appeal to mainstream audience while introducing them to power of Web3 gaming powered by Flow.“ He further added „The Bloxmith team’s innovative take on game design and player onboarding aligns strongly with Flow’s vision goals our ecosystem around gaming & onboarding mains

Discover the Next-Generation Open-World Action RPG: Abyss World!

• Mysten Labs and Metagame Industries have partnered to build Abyss World, a web3-based action role-playing video game.
• The game will be built on Sui Network, the Layer 1 blockchain developed by Mysten Labs.
• Abyss World is set to launch its open beta version in Q3 2023, with NFTs available for early holders to benefit from a wealth of rewards.

Partnership between Mysten Labs and Metagame Industries

Mysten Labs, a web3 infrastructure company and initial developer of the Sui Layer 1 blockchain, has recently announced a partnership with Metagame Industries, an interconnected web3 gaming ecosystem. Through this partnership, Metagame Industries will create Abyss World – an AAA-level action role-playing open-world game in web3 – using Sui Network as the platform. Backed by AMD, Microsoft, and IGN, Abyss World seeks to bridge and unite web2 and web3 users through an immersive gaming experience.

Abyss World Expansion Efforts

Metagame Industries plans to expand their team ahead of the launch of Abyss World’s open beta version in Q3 2023. Early holders of Abyss World’s NFTs will benefit from a wealth of rewards within the game content. This partnership not only serves as an opportunity for both companies to bring high quality games to both web2 and web3 gamers at scale but also enables them to introduce a masterpiece into the space that is both valuable and immersive.

About Mysten Labs

Mysten Labs is a team comprised of experts in distributed systems, programming languages, and cryptography whose founders have been involved in some of the world’s most successful projects including Ethereum 2.0 and Zilliqa blockchain protocols. Their mission has always been focused on bringing next-generation web3 games to their budding community via reliable on-chain technology solutions such as Sui Protocol.

About Metagame Industries

Metagame Industries is an interconnected gaming ecosystem with partnerships from leading names such as AMD, Microsoft, IGN among others who are committed towards creating exciting interactive games for players all over the world via their cutting edge technology products such as Abyss World which was made possible due to their collaboration with Mysten Labs utilizing Sui Network as its platform for development.


Both partners are looking forward towards introducing a revolutionary masterpiece into the space which would provide users with valuable rewards while also providing them with an immersive gaming experience bridging both worlds i.e., Web 2 & Web 3 together seamlessly while pushing new boundaries in terms of gaming quality standards & interactivity levels never seen before!